Thursday, June 28, 2012

Great Lake and conservation park

Rebekah and I went to a conservation park known as The Pinery and we walked on three trails, where we saw nice views from lookouts.

I briefly put my bilum (bag) on my head as it was getting heavy on my shoulder and Rebekah snuck in a quick photo of me.

We hired a canoe and went along the river for a while and enjoyed seeing the lily pads and flowers, and sometimes a turtle.

One of the trails we went on took us to the beach next to Lake Huron, one of the great lakes. It looked just like being at a beach on the coast – the water was blue like the ocean and you couldn’t see the other side of the lake, it looked like it just goes on forever like the ocean. Here are some photos.

Both of us had a little paddle in the water. It was cold.

We also went to a coastal town nearby (Grand Bend) and walked along the main street and down to the beach there. There was a lot of people out on the beach enjoying the lovely weather.


nicole mcfarlane said...

Hope you are having a wonderful time hope the weather in Scotland is not too bad rug upp

Beth said...

We walked on at least one of the same Pinery trails last week! I think it's cute how you call Grand Bend a "coastal" town....that is not normally the terminology we would use here..!