Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Flight to Canada

Well I made it to Canada safely. My first flight was Melbourne-Los Angeles, then another flight to Toronto. We had two meals on the Qantas flight to LA, but on the American Airlines flight, you had to purchase a meal if you wanted to eat, so I didn’t bother as I had bought something to snack on at the airport in LA.

Here’s a couple of photos of my meals on the plane to LA.

Four cheese ravioli in a wild mushroom sauce, carrot and cherry tomato salad, fig and honey rice pudding, roll and butter, Boost chocolate and Jila mints.

Breakfast was bacon and zucchini frittata with pork sausage, baked beans and Roma tomato, and the extras were fruit salad, orange juice, passionfruit and raspberry muffin, and a cup of tea.


Anonymous said...

Was the food any good or does it just look tempting

Nicole mcfarlane said...

Dear Julie
Hi its Nicole how are you i see you had safe travel i hope you are having a lovely time let me know what it is like in Canada i have wanted to go but i cant afford to maybe i can get to see your pictures of Canada that would be good.

Thank you please pray for me and let me know your prayer requests Your sister in Christ Nicole

Purple Julie said...

Hi Nicole, thanks for your messages. The food was fine. Keep looking at my blog and I'm sure you'll see lots of pictures.