Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Watch where you’re walking!

It always makes sense to watch where you’re walking. I’m sure nearly everyone has made the mistake of not looking and consequently walking into a tree or a pole or stepping on a dog poo. Well in the village we have another hazard that you need to keep your eyes open for – large crab holes!

They are big enough for your foot to go into up to a point, and there are times when I have found myself with my foot down a crab hole. They are along our path to the toilet, and it’s even harder to spot them at night. Here’s the same crab hole as the one in the photo above, with my foot next to it to show you the size.

Being bitten by a crab is not the hazard – I think they run away – the danger is more that if you’re not lucky, you could end up spraining an ankle or just come crashing to the ground if you’re not expecting it.

There are a lot of small crab holes that aren’t a problem either, but some crabs build big homes which also produces a small mountain of sand next to the hole as you can see in this photo.

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