Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Infected sores

One of the joys of living in the tropics is that sores can get infected easily, especially if they’re on the feet.

It’s amazing what can happen to broken blisters – two of my worst infected sores have come from blisters. This one, which is not so bad when compared to the next one, came from sitting cross-legged on the back of a tipper truck. My little toe rubbed against dirt on the floor of the truck as we travelled which caused the blister. Notice how big my foot is in this photo – the swelling and pain went as far as the start of my ankle.

Another time I got a blister on my ankle after a long walk where the strap of my sandal rubbed against me. It started off not looking too bad…

Two days later it started to look worse and I started taking antibiotics.

Then the next day it looked like this…

Then one day later it was like this, maybe starting to get better. All the other photos I have after this date show the sore improving.

At the same time as I had this sore on my ankle, I also had a sore on my toe (the same foot), which was developing in much the same way as the sore on the ankle, just not quite as advanced.

I had high temperatures for four days while I had these two sores on my foot. At first I thought it might have been malaria, but the other symptoms weren’t really like malaria, so I wonder if the fever was actually related to the sores.

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Anonymous said...

Those look like fire ant stings.