Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Heading to the village Part 2 – Waiting, waiting, and river crossings

After crossing the passage we arrive at a small town called Kokopau on Bougainville Island, where there are trucks, utes and 4WDs waiting to take people to other parts of Bougainville. We usually get there at about 10-10.30am, find a vehicle that can take us, then we wait for 2-3 hours until they leave.

Depending on the vehicle, it usually takes around 1-3 hours to get to the village on the dirt roads. I can usually expect to arrive in the village at around 3pm.

We had to drive through three rivers on the way, which slows the cars down considerably, and it is quite bumpy!

Watch this video to see how bumpy the crossing is:

While we were there though, the Japanese Government was funding a bridge building project for the river crossings on this road. We saw a lot of progress in their construction while we were there, and after we left, the bridges were completed. I look forward to experiencing the new bridges when we get back and seeing how much it shortens the travel time.

Bridge building in progress.

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