Sunday, December 18, 2011

Moving house and back

During our last village stay, we packed up ALL our village possessions and moved them three times! First to move to Teop Island, then to move back to Hiovabon (where we have spent most of our time), then when we left the village, we took everything with us to Buka to store there while we are away for almost a year.

We were in Hiovabon from 28 Sept to 15 Oct, and on the 16th we moved to Teop Island and stayed there for four weeks.

People at the Hiovabon beach watching us leave:

Here’s all our things on the motor boat to go across to the island:

On 16 Nov we moved back to Hiovabon and spent our last two weeks there and went to Buka on 30 Nov. The motor boat wasn’t available on the day we were moving back to Hio, so our cargo went across on canoes. Most of our things went over on two canoes, and Rebekah and I travelled across on a third one. We were a bit concerned that something might fall off a canoe and into the sea, but everything made it across safely!

Below is all our cargo spread out on the bench at Hio. It looks like a lot, but in the photo above where it was heaped together in the motor boat it doesn’t look as much and it’s all the same stuff. This all our village possessions too – pots, plates, food, clothes, gas, etc.

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