Friday, December 30, 2011

Living at Teop Island

Sorry it’s been a while between blog posts. I hope you had a good Christmas and wish you all the best for the new year.

We lived at Teop Island for four weeks and we were comfortable there – after our toilet was finished. The first week without a toilet was a challenge! They did build us a very nice toilet though. Here it is:

We stayed in a lovely couple’s house. They are Christians whose faith and love for the Lord is very evident in their speech and actions. Here are some photos of the house:

I did our cooking up on the verandah – I felt a bit like a TV chef on a stage!

This is the back of the house:

The Teop people also built us a nice shower house:

We stood on this concrete inside the shower so that our feet didn’t get muddy.

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Ruth said...

Your photos bring back memories both good and hard...mostly good :)

Is there an old 'aid post' building that we used to live in still there? We were very glad to move off that little island and into the village of Sunvahoara. The aid post building was kind of like living in an oven :/ The two windows in the main room were up so high, you couldn't catch the breeze when sitting down to eat. And the back room where we slept didn't have a ceiling - just a corrugated iron roof, so the heat was over the top in that room. Even at night.

Our first week or so we spent dealing with the rats - mainly at night. Things got better once we knocked out one side of the double walls where their nests were located. :/

Personally, I think it would be more convenient and pleasant to remain at Hiovabon. Is that where Joyce and Ailyne live?

I would love to go back some day!