Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bumpy 4WD roads

Four-wheel-driving isn’t a hobby in PNG, it’s an unavoidable part of life! There aren’t a lot of sealed or graded roads, so many roads are constantly deteriorating. When it rains and the roads become muddy, it’s even worse!

Here’s one road that we travelled up in the back of a ute on a rainy day. I took this photo when we actually got bogged. Another 4WD had to tow us out.

If you go 4WD-ing, you would know that your body bumps around all over the place as the car goes up and down ditches. Sitting on a padded seat with your seatbelt on helps to restrain you a bit though. Now, imagine what it’s like in the back of a ute, sitting on a wooden plank, with no seatbelt, and metal bars not far above your head. Quite a different experience!

I focus on two things – 1. Holding on tightly. 2. Bending over to keep my head low so that it doesn’t hit the metal bars – I have hit my head a couple of times with sudden jerks in these cars; being tall doesn’t help!

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