Wednesday, October 19, 2011

“Drop” fundraising

One of the ways of doing fundraising in our area is to have a meal, called a “Drop”, where people who wish to eat the meal pay a specified amount of money for a plate of food, and “drop” the money into a bowl. Obviously there also needs to be people who cook the food too, and that’s usually the people who are involved in the group who are raising the money, but others who just want to buy a plate may also bring some food.

The Teop Translation Committee did a Drop for their first fundraiser. The food is laid out on the table and the ladies dish it up onto plates, which are then given to those who are buying a plate.

This was my plate of food at the recent Drop for the translation committee.

I had been to a Drop previously also to raise money to help an aunty who was in Port Moresby for medical treatment. Below is the plate I had then, and here is a description of what is on it, clockwise from top left: taro, fried flour cake, fish, rice, iobo with greens, banana cassava slice, fried cooking banana.

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