Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Never leave a lantern alone

Well that was one lesson we learnt the EASY way! Thank goodness we didn’t learn the hard way!

We used to always just leave our lantern burning away by itself whenever we went to visit other parts of the village to chat to people at night. Then one night when we were at another house, the lantern had a bit of a funny turn and had big flames shooting out the top of it. Thankfully some of our village brothers were near and saw it. They took it down with a long stick and then threw some wet hessian bags over the top of it to put the fire out.

We were very lucky – if our brothers hadn’t been there to come to the rescue, it could very well have set the kitchen house on fire and burnt it down. That would have been a disaster! There is a black mark on the roof of the house now from the flames which is a permanent reminder to us that one should never leave a lantern alone, especially if it’s temperamental.

Now we have to babysit our lantern. If we go anywhere, it comes with us or we turn it off.

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