Wednesday, June 15, 2011

North Bougainville by-election

The former MP for North Bougainville, Sir Michael Ogio, recently became the new Governor General of PNG, so a by-election was called to fill his seat. The voting happened when we were in the village, so we were able to see how it works. It’s similar to the way we do in in Australia, but only one person could vote at a time as there was only one booth. And it was all outdoors, not inside a hall like it usually is in Australia.

The overall scene, complete with village dogs.

The registration desk with the polling officials wearing green t-shirts, and a policeman wearing blue, sitting on the bench.

People checking out the candidates whose names and faces are on this poster stuck on the tree.

Another overall scene (from the other side).


Putting the slip of voting paper in the secure metal box.

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