Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First visit to a distant village!

The Teop language is spoken by many villages on mainland Bougainville, not just Teop Island. The village we live in, Hiovabon, is one of those villages and we are able to walk to and visit many of the other villages, but some are too far away and we haven’t been able to visit them and develop many relationships in those places.

Irue beach:

We wanted to personally meet pastors to invite them to the church leaders meeting that we had in May, so we arranged a trip to Irue, where we had never been before, to see some people there. We travelled there by boat from our village.

Irue beach:

One of the local traditional customs is when a person goes to a village for the first time, the local people pour water over their feet and this happened to us at Irue. It wasn’t as soon as we got off the boat; we had been there for several hours before they did it. I don’t know what the meaning behind the foot washing is however.

Irue village:

Shortly after we arrived, we went for a walk along the beach to the ‘point’ (the end of the peninsula) and we saw the lighthouse. I will post about the lighthouse later, but here’s a picture of us walking along the beach.

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