Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Church leaders meeting

During our last village stay, we held a meeting with the church leaders from the Teop area. Fifteen people came from all three denominations, and seven villages were represented. We were very pleased with the turn-out.

We spoke about the translation work and about the need for a translation committee and what its role is. We asked the church leaders to give us names of people who they think would be good to be on the committee and we got a list of 13 names (covering 10 villages), and so far ten of those people have accepted to join the committee.

Here is the meeting in progress, while I am speaking:

We also said that we would like more people to join the translation team as translators, and we have three people who will possibly join the work.

After such a meeting, we need to provide a meal, so our wonderful aunts in the village did a great job of preparing lots of food to feed all our guests. Rebekah and I baked banana muffins to contribute.

The spread of food:

People sitting around on the beach eating. Teop Island is in the background.

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