Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Advisor checking

Rebekah’s and my role in our translation work is that of an advisor. Our Teop translators make a draft translation and Rebekah and I check it. We have some software on our computer with lots of in-depth resources about Biblical books, which we can look up for advice.

During March and April, Rebekah and I prepared for doing an ‘advisor check’ of Mark 1-6 in May. We had questions, suggestions and items for clarification in the draft translation of Mark 1-6. We worked together with Joyce and Ailyne at the Training Centre in Buka and managed to get all six chapters checked.

Some verses were very frustrating, but other verses were fairly straightforward. We had a good time, including some great laughs…

In the photo below, Joyce is explaining to me how corn grows for the parable of the growing seed in Mark 4:26-29.

We had a look at a packet of mustard seeds when checking the parable of the mustard seed in Mark 4:30-32.

‘O vaaviararaa no vua mastat’ – ‘The parable of the mustard seed’ with the packet of mustard seeds next to it.

Ailyne looking at the packet of mustard seeds:

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