Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our friendly village dogs again

I’ve talked about our village dogs before, but they are so cool that I want to talk about them again.

We decided to give them wash and a flea treatment, and it was quite the scene! We put a collar and lead on the dogs, which was totally foreign to them, so they didn’t like that and they also didn’t like getting the cold well water poured over them! Sasaki was the hardest to handle as the collar was too big for him and he is the most vocal dog I’ve ever seen, so he let the whole world know that he wasn’t happy about having a bath!

Here are some photos of Sasaki. He is a fairly young dog and has a cool personality. He has a blue tongue.

The other dog in our village is Bill. He is getting old and the people in the village seem to like Sasaki better than him. He is the dominant dog, and if we’re patting Sasaki, Bill will get jealous and start a fight. However, Bill seems to have decided that he belongs to Rebekah and me! He has accompanied us when we’ve gone for a long walk to another village and a few times he has escorted me to our shower room, waited outside and then walked back with me after my shower.

Here are some photos of Bill.
Going for a walk with us:

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