Friday, March 18, 2011

Computer course

In February and March, Rebekah and I attended a computer course with our translators, Joyce and Ailyne. Each language team was given a netbook and a solar power setup so that they can use the computers to do translation work in the village.

Photo by Steve Blewett

Ailyne is pretty computer savvy, but Joyce, like several of the participants, had never used a computer before, so it was very elementary level training. They learnt how to type and they played games like Minesweeper, to practice controlling the mouse. There is some Bible translation software on the computers, which they were also taught to use.

Photo by Peter Kruzan

Joyce was really happy with how much she learnt at the computer course – before she couldn’t do anything with a computer, but now she knows how to do many things, and she can type!

Joyce typing while I look on:

Photo by Peter Kruzan

During the course, there was also times when the participants could continue working on their translation projects, so Joyce and Ailyne were able to finish typing up their draft of Mark, and then go through it and correct some spelling and punctuation errors.

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