Saturday, February 19, 2011

What joy only $5 can bring

Our village mum and main translator, Joyce, has been walking everywhere recently with bare feet because she has no shoes. Even though her feet are tough and used to walking without shoes, there are times that she would like to wear shoes, like when walking for over an hour on a stony dirt road.

Today, Rebekah and I bought a pair of thongs and gave them to Joyce and she was so thrilled to receive them. Although we blessed her by giving her a pair of thongs, we were also blessed by just seeing her reaction and how grateful she was.

The thongs cost K12, which is about $5, and Rebekah and I split the cost, so it was really only $2.50 each – less than a cup of coffee in Australia! Thank you to all those who support me and make it possible for me to be here and be able to bless people like this too.

Now for a short update on my movements: We just had four great weeks in the village, and we are now back in Buka, with Joyce and her daughter Ailyne to attend a computer course which runs for three weeks. We will be going to Ukarumpa after that for a month, and then we will return to Buka on 12 April, and back to the village shortly after that.

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