Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Football matters

Melbourne Storm is Melbourne’s claim to fame in PNG. Whenever I tell someone I’m from Melbourne, they say, “Oh, Melbourne Storm”.

NRL is really popular with Papua New Guineans and since I’m from Australia they want to know who I support in both the normal games and the State of Origin. Being a Victorian I’m more into Aussie Rules Football and I don’t really care much about the NRL. However, I tell them I support Melbourne Storm.

The State of Origin is of even less interest to me because Victoria doesn’t compete in it. But people ask and I tell them I like Queensland. I’ve chosen them because I lived in Queensland for two years, so I have more of a connection with Queensland than NSW.

When we were on the survey trip at Buka, in one village some children sitting behind me quietly asked me whether I support NSW or Qld and when I replied they laughed and chattered among themselves. It seemed like they had been discussing amongst themselves and guessing which side I support.

The NRL is shown on the free-to-air TV here, so for people from NSW and Qld who live here and enjoy the NRL, they have it good. I wish that the AFL had taken off rather than the rugby, so then I could see the football that I like (if I had a TV that is). The AFL games are shown on a couple of the satellite TV channels and on the rare occasion I’ve been staying somewhere that has satellite TV and I’ve been able to watch some of my footy live, rather than several weeks later when I receive a DVD of the game.

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