Friday, July 9, 2010

Sweet tea

I usually drink my tea with milk and no sugar, but the people of PNG like it to be sugar laden. When they say they have two spoons of sugar in their tea, they are talking about dessertspoons, not teaspoons!

When I’m in the village, I drink this sweet tea too and I quite like it. It’s totally different to white tea with no sugar though. I call it my ‘village drink’ because it’s not really what I call ‘tea’. I drank lots of cups of this sweet tea on our west Buka survey trip. Here are a couple of photos of me drinking my sweet tea.

Too much sugar all the time can cause diabetes, and in Tok Pisin it is called ‘sik suga’. I mentioned in an old blog post (here) how Sugaman welcomes you to Bougainville at the airport. This time I managed to get a photo of the sign and here he is:

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