Monday, July 5, 2010

Survey team and work

The purpose of my trip to Buka this time was to be a part of a language survey team to find out about some languages and dialects on the west coast of Buka and on islands off the coast. The team consisted of myself, Bonnie (USA) and Mariela (Argentina). Here are the three of us travelling on a boat during the survey.

L to R: Bonnie, me, Mariela

Our work involved doing many questionnaires and taking a list of words in the local dialect everywhere we went for later comparison. We also had some recordings in local languages to see how the people could understand other dialects. We did questionnaires on the following topics: language use, contact patterns, church, school, community education levels, and culture. We each had certain jobs to do, and it was my responsibility to do the language use and contact patterns (eg. travel and movement outside of the language area) questionnaire. It was hard work, especially when I had to get the figures for immigration and emigration, as there was a lot of people who have moved to different areas or come in from somewhere else.

Here are some photos of me hard at work in the villages.

Having a bit of a laugh with the people

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