Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stuck boat

There is a boat that is stuck on the reef off the west coast of Buka where we were travelling. It is quite a funny story. It’s a Malaysian boat, registered in Panama and its name is ‘Le Feng’. Anyway, they had engine problems so they were drifting and not able to control their movements, and the wind or a storm brought them to settle on the reef. I can’t quite figure out how it happened, the propeller is fully out of the water, as you can see in the photos. A lot of the boat that is usually under the water, is out of the water, so it is an unusual sight. In the photos, the whole area of the boat that is red is normally under the water, and it’s only the black part that you would normally see.

Anyway, it has been sitting there for 3 months or so now, and there are still some Malaysian staff on it, plus some police, to make sure that they don’t get off the boat as they don’t have visas. One of the men apparently wants to marry a woman (any woman) from Matsungan Island, presumably so that he could stay in Bougainville.

This is the boat as seen from Matsungan Island:

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