Thursday, July 1, 2010

Port Moresby adventures – Luxury Hotel

We were at the airport very early on a Saturday morning, all checked in, with our boarding passes, and I was having a doze while waiting to board our flight, when suddenly my doze was interrupted with an announcement that our flight to Buka had been cancelled and rescheduled to 4am on Sunday morning. They had already taken our luggage off us and everything, so we were told that we were to go to the arrivals area to pick up our luggage again.

Since we were only in transit in Port Moresby, we didn’t have a place to stay for the night (the previous two nights we knew we had to stay there and had bookings for accommodation), so we went to the Air Niugini customer service desk and spoke to them. They put us up in a hotel for the night, since it was their fault that we had to stay another night in Moresby.

Oh, it was so exciting! We got to stay in a fancy hotel and we were excited by everything, including the free toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser and body wash). Air Niugini paid for our lunch and dinner there too. The three of us wanted to be together, rather than in separate rooms and requested that, but since Air Niugini was paying a certain amount for each of us, they added that up and gave us a room that was worth that value, so we got a really nice room. They called it a ‘suite’. It had a widescreen TV and cooking facilities. There was a sliding door that went out to the swimming pool area.

Here is the pool and dining area:

We really enjoyed our two meals there, and I was happy to be able to see the last quarter of a Geelong AFL game after dinner.

We had a HUGE double bed, plus they put in an extra bed too. The double bed was really more like a triple bed, as it fitted 3 pillows along the top. I had never seen a bed that big before. Here’s a picture of it.

This is Mariela and me relaxing on the couch, posing for the photo.

You can see the widescreen TV, lounge, dining table and kitchen in this photo.

This night in the hotel was a huge contrast to what our living situation in the villages over the next two weeks would be!

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