Sunday, July 25, 2010

Photos of kids at Buka

Here’s a selection of photos of children that I took in the west Buka area. Remember if you want to see a photo a bit better, you can click on the photo and you will see a slightly larger version.

First few photos are of kids at Hitau Island.

It’s common for fairly young children to carry babies around.

Man! What a huge, toothy smile!!

The people of Hitau Island gave each of us one of these huge shells.

This is Priscilla, who was my little friend at Petats Island. She really took to me and followed me around, and sometimes held my hand while walking somewhere. She hardly spoke a word to me. I think maybe she didn’t know Tok Pisin yet and only knew the local language.

These final three photos were taken at Matsungan Island a few minutes apart. Some of these kids were from the highlands.

An older boy with a younger boy.

A bunch of kids.