Friday, May 7, 2010

Finally arrived! (post by Bill & Liz)

On Tuesday, we got up at 4am departed Melbourne on the 7am flight to a very wet Brisbane. After a slightly delayed flight from Brisbane, we arrived in a hot and humid Port Moresby. As we travelled from the airport to the guest house, we saw many people sitting by the side of the road selling betelnut and lots of people milling around doing nothing.

The next day we flew to Ukarumpa. Liz was a bit apprehensive in the small plane, but thought it was good after we were safe on the ground! The picture below shows a view of the mountains from the plane.

Here we are finally at Ukarumpa, which is much cooler than Port Moresby:

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Anonymous said...

Glad you've arrived safely...will pass on the news to Jan. To Liz, Bill & Julie....God Bless your "family" time together.