Monday, March 29, 2010

Sohano Island and views

Here are some more photos of our time at Sohano Island (above). Since I am blogging by email, I can't write in between the photos and all the text has to be at the bottom, but let me tell you about the photos above.

The first photo is a view from Sohano Island, looking toward Buka Island and town.

Sohano Island sits in the middle of the Buka Passage, towards one end. In the second photo, on the left is Buka Island, and on the right is Bougainville Island.

We decided to have a picnic lunch at Sohano, so before we left Buka, we each bought a cassava cake with banana in the middle. It is a nice food, although it doesn't look all that glamorous in the (third) picture. It is very filling! I was only able to eat half of mine that day and had the rest the following day for lunch.

Lastly, the beautiful water. Although the photo is small, I hope you can get a sense for how lovely it is. There is a strong current and when we went snorkelling we really noticed it. You have to swim with a little bit of effort to make progress when going in the opposite direction from the current, but when you're going in the same direction, you can just float and let the current carry you.

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