Friday, September 25, 2009


I haven't written much on my blog over the past few weeks, because I have been on holidays. Well, my holiday is nearly over and in a few days I will be leaving. I have had a good time here and I feel like I just slotted back into life here really easily as though I had never left.

I have enjoyed eating some foods that I can't get or are too expensive in PNG, such as crisps, fancy cheese, salami, and my Scottish delicacies – square sausage, haggis and Irn Bru (a soft drink).

I enjoyed a few days away at Kyneton near the start of my holiday and the rest of the time I have been spending around our local area. I have been to Box Hill for lunch, shopping at Brand Smart and Savers, been out for a birthday dinner with friends, spent time with friends and family, visited a gerbera and alpaca farm in Healesville, visited Marysville (very few remains of burnt houses, just empty blocks) and went to the movies.

I am looking forward to watching the Grand Final live tomorrow – much better than getting quarter by quarter scores via SMS in PNG. It is also my birthday tomorrow, so my team (Geelong) winning the Grand Final would be a good birthday present!

I leave Melbourne on Sunday evening, stay a night in Brisbane, then fly to Port Moresby, stay one night there, then fly to Alotau, where I will be for approximately five weeks to help with a translation workshop. My email connection there will be dial up and I think that most of the time I will only be able to access it on weekends, and I will probably have to blog via email again rather than on the internet. If it all works, I'll tell you more about what I'm doing in Alotau in future blogs.

On our way back from Kyneton, we drove through the Kinglake area that was affected by the February bushfires. The regrowth on the trees was amazing, it looked like a creeping vine on the trees, but it wasn't, it was just new growth coming out of the trunk and branches. Here are some photos that I took:

(Well, Dad took the above photo, not me!)

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