Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Off travelling again

Tomorrow I leave Ukarumpa again and won't be back for 4 months. I am travelling to Goroka by road with a group of SIL people tomorrow to go to the Linguistic Society of PNG conference. There will be various people there presenting information on linguistic research they have done.

On Friday I will fly from Goroka to Rabaul/Kokopo, stay there for 3 nights and then fly to Buka. I will be at Buka for over a month, and I will be visiting a couple of language groups to consider whether I would like to work there, plus I will be managing the kitchen during a two week workshop.

I travel to Melbourne next for a holiday, arriving on 4th September. I am enjoy my birthday there and being able to watch the AFL Grand Final live.

I leave Melbourne on 27th September and I go to Alotau to be a mentor at a translation workshop called VITAL, then I fly back to Ukarumpa on 9th November (I think that's the date).

For the next week or so, I won't have Internet or email access, but when I get settled at Buka I should have it, and I will have mobile phone reception almost everywhere I will be on these travels.

I am going to prepare some blog posts about my Sos Kundi trip this evening if I have time and I can set them up to post automatically every few days while I am not connected, so you can keep checking my blog as per usual. (I am hoping that what I am setting up will work and the posts turn up automatically as scheduled).

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