Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's raining!!! (Bathing story 2)

Oh how you would love some rain in Melbourne! We've had heaps in Ukarumpa lately, but when we were in the village it was entering dry season there and our nice bathing spot (which I haven't told you about yet) didn't have enough water for us to use, so we were bathing at our muddy bathing spot (mentioned in my newsletter if you receive it), which was getting less and less water and it was just difficult bathing there because of the mud, so we were really happy to get some rain. It filled up our nice bathing spot and we were able to use that for the rest of our time there.

We also took the opportunity to have a shower in the rain under the water coming off the roof of the house. It was so nice, we felt so nice and clean afterwards, perhaps because the temperature had dropped with the rain and we washed at the house, so we didn't have a walk back to the house to get us all hot and sweaty again. We washed our hair in the rain too and also washed our clothes while we were wearing them. Here's a picture of me washing in the rain:

Another thing we did when it was raining was catch rain water for drinking. The first time we had a good rain, we didn't have our tarp set up, so a few people got wet while hurrying to set it up and get as much water as we could. The water wasn't quite flowing the way we needed to either, so a young boy was sitting under the tarp directing the water into the bucket.

But firstly, we didn't have an empty bucket to collect the water in. All our buckets had food in them, so we emptied out the contents of one bucket so that we could collect water. A few days later we had nearly gone through all our water and we needed some more, so we prayed for rain and cleaned the tarp and the bucket, in anticipation of God answering our prayer. That afternoon we had another good rain. It was such a good rain that we didn't want to let it go to waste, so we emptied out another bucket of food and collected two buckets of water to last us twice as long. After that, it always rained often enough that we didn't run out of water.

The problem with emptying two buckets of food was that we had to find some way of keeping the food out of the reach of the rats. That's what the rat-proof buckets were for, but we hadn't gone through enough food to use two less buckets. We ended up putting the food into bilums (string bags) and tied the top so that the rats couldn't get in, the we hung them from a beam in the house. Gradually as we got through our food we were able to empty the bilums into the other food buckets, but as you can see, living in a village is not quite as simple as you may think, there are certain obstacles and challenges that you have to solve!

Here's our bilums hanging up:

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