Sunday, July 5, 2009

Food, food, food!

Wow, so far almost all my blog posts about my Sos Kundi trip have had something to do with food! Well, now I am just going to write one more post about food and be done with it!

As already mentioned, I ate snake and cuscus in the village. Some of the other meats that we had occasionally include: bandicoot, pork, duck, beef and chicken. The people killed a cow and gave us about 2 kilos of the best bit - good lean meat. I also ate cooked sago grubs three times. They were rather juicy, but not something that I would choose to eat!

Here's a few pictures of the food/me eating the food:

Burning the hair off the pig:

Orphaned piglets! Sorry, it's a cruel world.

Close up of sago grub, cooked with sago:

Me eating the sago grub in sago:

Cooking the bandicoot:

Bandicoot on the plate:

Me eating a bandicoot leg:

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