Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Don't fall!!

There were several log bridges in the Sos Kundi area. Rather scary to cross!! In the picture below, I am crossing a big log bridge with a hand rail.

Not all log bridges are so nice! There are smaller logs with no hand rails!! One time when crossing one such bridge, I had a long stick to help with balance, however I put too much weight on it and it snapped! Fortunately I did not fall in - I managed to regain my balance and at the same time a strong hand grabbed my arm from behind to steady me. It was a man who had been some distance behind us and I didn't realise that he had caught up with us. This reminded me of God and how he looks after us. We don't always realise He's there, but when we need it, He puts out His hand and rescues/protects us.

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