Saturday, May 2, 2009

Off to the village soon

On Wednesday I'll be leaving to go to the village with my housemate Elvira and another single lady, Correna. We're going to a village in an area called the Sepik Plains. We won't be right on the Sepik river, but there'll be other rivers in the area. The airport we will be flying to is called Tinboli, and that comes up on Google searches. We will be living in a village not far from Tinboli, about a 40 minute walk away.

Today I have been doing a few things to get ready for going. Firstly, I had a little panic in the shower when I thought about my Thermarest (sleeping mat). I had the terrible thought that I'd left it at Madang when I went there at Easter as I hadn't noticed it the other day when I was getting something out of the bag where I store it and I couldn't remember attaching it to my backpack when we left Madang. Fortunately when I looked for it in the bag, there it was - I was so happy!! Actually I only just realised a minute ago that I didn't even take it to Madang, that's why I couldn't remember taking it home! I must be going crazy!!

This morning I went to Correna's house to soak my mosquito net in permethrin to make the mozzies stay away from my net. Then in the afternoon I went to a nice lady's house and she sewed up and made a travel pillow for me. So I'm beginning to get my things together and organised for leaving on Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

All the best with your stay in the village. We will be prayign for you. We are glad that you are healthy again - at least you know you won't puff up with the Permathin reaction!