Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Possible malaria

I am pretty sure that I have malaria again. Having had it once, I know what it feels like now, so I am confident that I have it. As I type I am not feeling too good. I have pain throughout my body. It is not agony though, just very uncomfortable.

I plan to go to the clinic tomorrow and get a blood test done for it. Then it can be treated and hopefully I will be feeling great in no time. I need to get better quickly because I am going to the village in two weeks.

Just took my temperature and it is 38.2, so just a mild fever, although my normal body temperature is around 36.0, lower than the average 37.0, so I am up by 2.2 degrees. (First attempt at taking my temp, I had the wrong end of the thermometer in my mouth! Crazy!)

Anyway, don't worry, I will just go through the routine. I hope that the blood test shows positive for malaria so that I can start the treatment. Sometimes it doesn't always get picked up on the first blood test. I also hope that after I go through this cycle, I won't have another cycle tomorrow, as it will probably be worse and this one wasn't that great.

I hope that I feel good when I wake up tomorrow because I want to go to a seminar that is on tomorrow about language stuff.

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