Thursday, April 23, 2009

Positive blood test

I went to the clinic this morning and got a blood test done, and they rang me a little bit later with the result. It was positive!! Yay! Yes, it is good to have a positive blood test because I knew I had malaria and I just needed the doctors to agree with me, so that I could start the treatment.

The test was taken when I was not experiencing symptoms so malaria is less likely to show up, but it did thankfully. The doctor said that I had a lot of malaria in my blood. If there was a lot there when I was feeling good, then I imagine that there would be more when I am in a cycle.

I have taken the first treatment dose, but I am expecting another cycle tonight, and a pretty nasty one at that. What I had last night was not nice and I think tonight will be worse. If I have a lot of malaria, I think the first dose is not going to stop the malaria tonight.

I am loving being between cycles just now and feeling fine. That's great. It's nice to get a break from being sick. I think in that way malaria is better than the flu. You just have to wait for the flu to get better, but malaria gives you a break AND you can take medicine to get better.

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