Friday, April 24, 2009

Not so bad

Last night after I wrote I went to bed. I felt hot and still had a temperature, but it didn't get too bad. This cycle wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I don't think I'll have another cycle now that I've started the treatment, but I might be feeling a bit weak and tired for a few days.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julie. It seems as if the old malaria has not changed its spots, even after nearly 50 years. Your comments regarding the cycles of high temps and then shivering, with the wonderful feeling when it gave you respite for a day, before coming back with a vengance the next day, brought back memories of 1965.
I had contacted malaria while in PNG, and although I and others in my work group had been taking the suppressants, we discontinued them immediately we were back in Oz. BIG MISTAKE, but no-one told us at the time.
A few months later I was treated by a GP for the flu, but as you can guess it was our friend lurking and becoming more persistant in that cyclic fashion you describe. Eventually I was taken to casualty at The Austin where they took a pinpick of blood from my finger to analyse, then transported me to the Fairfield Infectious Hospital for diagnosis and treatment. There they took what I thought was an armful of blood and the following day were able to tell me that whilst their own test was not conclusive - it had been taken as my body was recovering from the earlier attack -the tiny sample taken at the Austin revealed that I had malaria. As such they were able to treat me and I had a full recovery whilst I stayed in the hospital for another week.
My thoughts for you are that hopefully you are receiving the precise treatment and that you allow your body time to make a good recovery - ie don't push yourself too soon, it is a nasty complaint but one that you should conquer if managed responsibily.
With our love and prayers for your return to full health John and Bev