Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter holiday

How does a holiday on a tropical island where you don't have to cook or wash dishes sound? Sounds great, but expensive! Well, that is what I just had, for a grand total of $45! And $32 of that was my transport there and back!

A group of 11 of us from Ukarumpa went down to Madang for the weekend then onto a motor dinghy which took us to an island, Riwo Island. One of our PNG friends has relatives in the village there, so that helped. We stayed in a Western style house and the people cooked for us. I shared a double mattress and single mosquito net with another girl.

We had a self-flushing toilet! It was a little hut built over the sea, so the sea washed everything away. The hole was HUGE though! If I slipped I could have fit down and landed on the rocks below, it was rather scary!

Yesterday we visited another island for the day and ate our dinner there. It was after dark when we decided to leave. We headed off on two canoes, about 8 or 9 people on each canoe. The canoe I was on didn't steady after everyone got on and it rocked from side to side taking on water each time until we capsized and ended up in the water! We weren't very far from the shore as we had only just left, so we swam back to shore. The canoes were overloaded and that's why we capsized and the other one nearly did - they saw us and then jumped out of their canoe before it completely went over.

My camera was okay because I had it in an airtight bag thankfully. At about the time we capsized, the motor dingy came along, so we spread out among the three boats to go back. We lost a pot, two knives and a serving spoon to the water, but this morning some people went out there and they recovered the pot, spoon and one knife, so that was good.

Here are some pictures of my weekend. I might add more later when I get some photos off my friends' cameras.

My bed with canopy:

The house we stayed in:

Our dinner:

Tropical island paradise:


This is the canoe that we overloaded with about 8 people and capsized:

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