Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Branch Conference

Well, it has been a while since I updated my blog here! I guess it is partly because I haven't been doing anything very exciting, and also because I have been busy with going to Conference every day. Today was the last day of Conference, so now I am catching up on things.

During Conference we had a lot of discussion at tables about strategic plans. One that we spent a lot of time on was Language Strategy. It had several sub-topics, such as scripture use, training and language documentation. We also talked about leadership and caring for members in other sessions.

I had a 'job' to do to help out at Conference. I was involved with the Powerpoint presentations. Sometimes I was rostered on for 'Preparation' and sometimes for 'Projection'. When I was on Preparation, I sat at a computer and people brought their Powerpoint presentations to me. I checked that they worked and that everything would be seen easily, then I put them in a folder and numbered them in the order that they would be presented. When I was doing Projection, on a different computer, I opened the files from that folder and put them up on the screen. The speaker usually had a remote to change the slides themselves, so I could sit back and watch or fix any glitches.

This is me sitting at the computer doing preparation of Powerpoint slideshows:

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