Monday, March 16, 2009

Clothes shopping!

In PNG, if you need more clothes, the place to get them is at second-hand shops. Most of the clothes come from Australia, so there's some familiar brands there. Well, on Saturday, me and a few friends took the public transport to Kainantu and went shopping. I picked out so many things that it was getting heavy carrying them around the shop! The clothes are a good price and I ended up with 11 articles of clothing and paid about $13 total! The thing that I was most chuffed about finding is a Kathmandu brand fleece jacket for about $1.50. I'm not sure how much they cost in Australia, but I know that they are so expensive that it has always put me off buying them.


Anonymous said...

Julie don't forget your friends!! Perhaps you should advertise the next shopping trip date!!! The fleecy sounds great, but will you really get to use it up there? Having spent most of our time in Moresby a fleecy is the last thing to buy. However I do appreciate that it is much cooler (and more pleasant) in the Highlands. Love Bev and John

Nerida said...

Op shops are the best! I can tell you that most Kathmandu fleece jackets are well over $100 so that is a fantastic bargain! I have one which I bought at half price so even then it wasn't exactly cheap, but of course I could afford the splurge since most of my clothes shopping is done at my favourite shop ... the Torquay Salvos store!