Monday, October 20, 2008

Last blog post for 5 weeks!!

That’s right, I won’t be on the internet for the next 5 weeks! I will be staying in a village called Mus (if you’re on Google Earth, look for Bunabun, that’s where we will be). We’re right at the coast and we have a creek for bathing in, and a nice tap to get our drinking water from! We still have to boil our drinking water though just to be safe. Every family at POC is at a different village along a 27km stretch of coast, so Sara and I are in this village together, just us. We will have a ‘wasfamili’ (foster family) looking out for us there, and they have two teenage girls, so I think that will be good, hopefully we will be able to spend time with them and develop good friendships with them.

Our wasfamili and the village are so excited about us coming that they made an extension to the house we will be staying in. Originally it was a two bedroom house with a large verandah, but now they have closed in the original verandah and made it into an extra two rooms, and put on a new verandah. So now we have a bit of a mansion!

Here’s a picture of our house before the extensions:

This is our wasfamili:

Here’s the tap where we will get our drinking water:

This is our bathing spot:

Lastly, the beach…

If you are praying for me, please pray for good health and good relationships when I am in the village. Thanks! Will get back in touch in 5 or so weeks times and I should have lots of stories.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie. Wow this is the first time I have checked out your blog. It's great, love all the pics. I'm sure you will have a great time in the village. I was talking to Sam today and she was saying that their families time in the village before they went to Ukarumpa was the best and most memorable time ever, so enjoy yourself and dont forget to buy some cheese from Medang (they sell mainland cheese there)and i recon Andrea Mathieson would love some lemon herbal teabags.
God Bless

robyn said...

Have a great time in Mus, the photo's look great. I have enjoyed your blogs, looking forward to your next blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Julie for keeping us up to date with all your happenings. We certainly will be continuing to pray for you and Sara as you spend the next 5 weeks "out of touch". May your time in the village be an exciting and productive time for you both.
Love from Bev and John

Farrah said...

Love reading your blogs Julie, looking forward to hearing from you in 5 weeks time!

nassie_gal said...

Great blog Jules and l am enjoying the photos and hearing of your adventures. Praying for you. Can't wait for the next adventure....

sales said...

Nice Digs Jules, your living the high life in PNG your very own place...your "foster family" look friendly too.