Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We have been going on hikes every week and they have been progressively getting harder. Today we went on a big hike all day. We left at 9am and came back at 4:15pm. We had a long break for lunch, plus lots of rest breaks too.

We hike around the top of the mountain and we are blessed with the most beautiful views as you will see in my pictures below.

Next week we have a hike carrying heavy backpacks, and on the week after we have a three day hike, which probably sounds a lot worse than it is. We will only be hiking for about three hours each day and then spending time in a village and sleeping overnight. We’ll have to carry backpacks on the three day hike with all our gear.
Hiking photos:
Me and the view:
Me hiking:
Me and another nice view:
This is me during our lunch break today:


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, just two questions.....How come your hat is not PURPLE!!!! and are you hiking in sandals??????? The photos of the different views were great - takes us back to our time in PNG. Also loved the photo of you at the lunch break - very nice.
Love Bev and John.

Purple Julie said...

Yes, I am hiking in sandals. I didn't even bring closed in shoes to POC with me, just sandals and thongs. Some people have gone barefoot at times too! I could never go barefoot though, my feet are too soft.

I liked the orange hat when I saw it. Maybe there wasn't a purple one at the shop.

Thanks for your comments.