Monday, September 1, 2008

Pacific Orientation Course begins!

I am settling into things at the Pacific Orientation Course (POC). We have classes on the weekdays and are learning Tok Pisin, anthropology, medical things and practical skills. Once a week we go on a hike, which will progressively get more difficult each week, but we get to see some nice views.

We are also going swimming once a week. Many people have heard that we are required to swim one mile to pass the course, but it is not a requirement, we are just encouraged to swim as much as we are able and set our own goals.

The POC buildings are up a mountain near Madang, so we have beautiful views of the sea all around us. Here is one of the views we have:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, sounds like you are busy with swimming and hiking and other things. Is it a hard long hike to the POC buildings? The views look beautiful. I look forward to reading your blogs and seeing what you are up to.
luv Robyn.