Monday, September 29, 2008

I got sick!!

After dinner on Wednesday night my tummy felt a bit funny and I went to bed with a bucket – ‘just in case’ – but I didn’t really feel like I would vomit at that stage. Well, as I lay in bed, I gradually felt worse and I ended up having three vomiting sessions between 10pm and midnight. Each vomiting session consisted of several vomits. It was really horrible because I had nothing left in my stomach, but my body still wanted to bring something up. My roommate Sharon got up each time and looked after me, which was really nice.

On Thursday morning I had some vegemite on toast for breakfast with some water and about 5 minutes after I finished it, I brought it all back up again! I also had diarrhoea throughout this whole period too. I stayed in bed on Thursday and didn’t eat anything else all day, but I had some sweet drinks and kept them down. I felt a bit weak and miserable most of the day, but by about 6pm I felt a lot better.

I was weak and easily exhausted on Friday, but I was well enough to go to class and enjoy my birthday. On Saturday morning I didn’t feel the greatest, but I managed to struggle through a trip to town. I didn’t really eat much all day until dinner, when I had a small meal. I feel a lot better now, but I think I got hit pretty bad with the virus; others who had it had a quicker recovery.

This virus has affected many of us at POC. It started on Monday last week when several of the kids got sick and were vomiting, then more got sick on Tuesday and a few more on Wednesday. Nearly all the kids got it. Then it started going through the adults beginning on Wednesday. Every day we hear about someone else who has come down with it. Nearly everyone has had it now. Those who haven't are in the minority.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, that virus certainly laid you low. Hope you are now well and truly over it and able to catch up on all that had to be put to one side. Have been following your blog as each message arrived, but didn't quite know how to answer. The long and short of it is that Dave Thompson was around and I asked him what to do - end result I am now able to answer. Keep well, love Bev and John Allen.

robyn said...

Hi Julie, Good to hear you are now feeling better. You are blessed having a friend like Sharon. Happy Birthday for last Friday. I enjoy reading your blogs, take care and stay well!!