Monday, September 8, 2008

Communal living – Part two

We have all our meals together in a big dining hall during the week (weekends are different, more about that another time). When there are a lot of people eating meals there is a lot of preparation and cleaning needed also. We have a duty roster and on the current roster I have duties twice a day and four times on Wednesdays, but our roster will change soon.

When we have preparation duty in the kitchen, we often cut up some fruit and heat up and serve any hot food. In the dining room we set the tables, or if we are cleaning, we clear them and wipe them down. Kitchen clean up is pretty self-explanatory, mostly washing dishes. We only have duties for breakfast and dinner, at lunch time the staff work as we have classes to go to.

I have a new room-mate now too! The girl from New Zealand came and she moved into my room and the other girl moved out into the spare room.

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