Thursday, September 4, 2008

Communal living – Part one

I am in a house currently with 3 other girls - two in each bedroom. The girl I am sharing a room with has just finished high school at Ukarumpa and is on staff helping out with the kids. The other two girls are both attending the course with me. We are all single girls. There is another single girl coming from New Zealand on Monday and she will be in another room in our house.

The families are over in the dorms and we are a bit away from them, which is not great for building relationships with them, but we are away from all the noise of the children and crying toddlers.

At the dorms they have to heat their water for showers and they have bucket showers, but we have a normal plumbed shower, so we are lucky!! We have a staff family that lives above us and we hear absolutely everything they say and do up there. It doesn't bother us too much though and we get a good night's sleep.

This is the house I am staying in:

This is my bed/bedroom:


Nerida said...

Didn't they have any purple mosquito nets available?

Anonymous said...

Good to see the house you are living in and your room. The normal showers sound so good.